* A dead Professor of English & Literary study cannot read this.
* A dead Professor of Mathematics cannot answer 1+1 * A dead Scientist & Professor of genetic molecules cannot state the differences between Plant & Animal cell….. * You’re in 300 Level at age 27,thank God cause you’re better than a 21 year old Oxford graduate in the GRAVE….. * You are still looking for Admission after 5 years of leaving secondary school,thank God because you’re better than someone who died on his way to receive admission letter… * That you’re poor and healthy widow is better than a rich Woman who died of breast cancer… * That you have ordinary Bathroom slippers to put on,think that your leg is better than an amputated leg…. * That you’re alive today,you need to THANK GOD.. Mind you,a living dog is better than a dead Lion… I bless his holy name for his infinite mercy upon my life…HALLOW BE THY NAME…… As for you reading this,what will you say to appreciate him for
all these? please appreciate God in your local languages?


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