Hosea 4;6 We shall look at some errors made when interpreting the scriptures or when reading, some are not intentional why some are DELIBRATE . You can also ask question on any verse you have come across that is controversial to you . EXAMPLES
the thief on the right was taken to paradise……… THE TRUTH IS THAT THE BIBLE NEVER MENTIONED WHETHER IS THE ONE ON THE RIGHT OR LEFT heaven help those who help themselves, ……….. THE TRUTH IS THAT HEAVEN HELP THOSE WHO CANT HELP THEMSELVES
Jesus died and rose after 3 days ………. THE TRUTH IS THAT HE DIED ON A FRIDAY AND ROSE UP ON THE LORDS DAY…..Matthew 16:21 and Matthew 20 :17-19 I Corinthians 15:3 CALLED SUNDAY …..SO HE ROSE UP THE THIRD DAY NOT AFTER THREE DAYS Jesus Drank wine so we can drink Alcohol…… THE TRUTH IS THAT THE RAW MATERIAL JESUS USED TO PRODUCE THE WINE WAS WATER, AND IS HARMLESS Jesus said we should give to CEASAR what are CEASAR……… DID CEASAR KEEP ANYTHING IN YOUR POSSESSION ? IF you have juju, or stolen items then you can give them out, don’t give bribe. JESUS said we can divorce if there is ADULTERY ….. THE TRUTH IS THAT JESUS MENTIONED FORNICATION , because in their time ladies get married as Virgin so they are expected to be so on wedding night, so those who deceived their husband don’t have the right to hold on to the marriage GOD WILL SUPPLY ALL MY NEED……the TRUTH is that GOD WILL ONLY GIVE YOU WHAT YOU NEED AND NOT WHAT YOU WANT. SECONDLY Paul used the prayer to encourage those that support the work of God by assisting him…..but this days we quote this scripture for WANTS and not NEEDS your body from artificial materials and appearance


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