Psalm 10 seems to picture the situation of our world today. It in fact paints the picture of what is happening in our nation in particular. When it says in verses 2-4, “The wicked in his pride persecutes the poor; Let them be caught in the plots which they have devised. For the wicked boasts of his heart’s desire; He blesses the greedy and renounces the LORD. The wicked in his proud countenance does not seek God; God is in none of his thoughts,” it pictures the activities of the “Boko Harams,” the armed robbers the kidnappers and many of the wicked people in our nation. In verse 5-7 the Psalmist says concerning these people, “His ways are always prospering; Your judgments are far above, out of his sight; As for all his enemies, he sneers at them. He has said in his heart, “I shall not be moved; I shall never be in adversity.” His mouth is full of cursing and deceit and oppression; Under his tongue is trouble and iniquity.” This also paints a picture of our legislatures and the ruling class whose goal is to milk this nation dry thinking they are secured because no one is taking them to account. In the midst of this, the Psalmist cried in verse 1, “WHY DO YOU STAND AFAR OFF, O LORD? WHY DO YOU HIDE IN TIMES OF TROUBLE?” And this looks like our cries too! We pray and pray and there is no change. We complained and criticised, our nation and our world keep going worse. We wonder, won’t God act? Won’t they destroy our nation one day? Will the world destroy itself one day? Where is God in all these? Friends, I wish to let you know that GOD IS ALIVE AND WELL. Verse 14 says, “But You have SEEN, for YOU OBSERVE TROUBLE AND GRIEF, to REPAY IT BY YOUR HAND. The helpless commits himself to You; You are the helper of the fatherless…The LORD is King forever and ever; The nations have perished out of His land.” God sees the wicked. He has his plans for them. In due season, whether now or in the world after, they will know it doesn’t pay to be wicked. God sees the righteous and the oppressed too. He is our HELPER and he will help us. In fact verse 17-18 says, “LORD, You have heard the desire of the humble; You will prepare their heart; You will cause Your ear to hear, to do justice to the fatherless and the oppressed, THAT THE MAN OF THE EARTH MAY OPPRESS NO MORE.” So, God is still in charge. Let us keep holding unto him.


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