It is difficult to get back a lost glory except with God kindest intervention. Protect your glory brothers and sisters, Satan lost his gory due misunderstanding between him and God, he felt God betrayed him by the creation of man. Did you know? Satan knows how to manipulate human life than God and he hate everyone that is called by the name of God. Satan have nothing good to offer you but he can put in all his energy to destroy you. He (Satan) only cares about liberty for the spirits and his falling angels. Rededicate yourself to God now and find a defender for your glory. Have you ever considered why God called himself the God of all flesh? It is because he is the only one that can create anything called flesh. Angels became servant to flesh and mankind since the day Satan used them to wage war against God in heaven. God bring them from glory to servant. You have to fight this battle and make sure you win. Your life is being rule by two masters (God and Satan) whoever you reverence more have bigger shares in your life. Your glory is the power base of your life, anyone who lost his glory is like a living shadows that is cast upon a stone, he is nothing more than a shadow on the stone. You need God to help you.

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