Give thanks to God always and let your heart rejoice in his faithfulness. Honor God with your mouth and do not lament on a thing whatsoever. God knows about your situation, very soon, he will come in and help you out of it or help you to endure it. Your condition is not the worst, God is aware of his responsibility over you, you only need to perform your responsibility to him by appreciating every of his efforts over your life. I know you have many burden in your heart and many tears in your eyes, I know, but I want you to down look your woes so that you might believe in the possibility power of God. Don’t forget that God the father is God in heaven, he gave Jesus Christ to the world so that he (the Son) might have dominion over the affairs of the earth. Principalities and powers shall bow to him when he made himself present in your situation. Your thanksgiving can make God purse for a while to attend to your requests.
No one can grow without food therefore, you must encourage God with praise.

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