Henceforth, good works is the qualification for making heaven (Matthew 11:12). Run a good race brethren, do not run it like your forefathers that are wicked in their ways but holy in heart. What is holiness without a good heart? Don’t be deceived, nothing else will take you to heaven except good works. Jesus Christ is the gate to God’s throne. How do you want to escape other gates to the one that lead to God’s throne? Wise up and do the right thing. Do not stuck within heaven, reach your goal, because it is in two ways, make it or loose it, heaven or hell fire. Jesus Christ is not a cheap commodity, you have to live a life of giving. Give to the needy and poor people that are around you. You may be lucky, one day as you are giving mistakenly give to God. poor people are the reason for God blessing on you. God do visit the earth and he usually comes in the appearance of a beggar his visit is usually to plead to our hardened heart to be soft and stick to instructions through the power of the Holy Ghost. A selfish Christian is like a lord who as everything to his name but remain poor because he did not trade with what he has. He shall regret everything when he become poor again and not even his hand work shall lift him again. Be a man or woman of good heart so that you might have a name for yourself in the Kingdom that is above this sinful earth. The Kingdom of God cannot be purchased with money, kindness and Jesus Christ are the requirement.


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