Until you see debt as a spirit you don’t get completely free from it. Debt is not just money changing hands but spirit changing hands because money is a spirit. That is why it is easier to return a book you borrowed than money borrowed. Both the debtor and creditor needs this understanding to either pay or be paid. The Bible says no man can serve two masters, Matthew 6:24 and that the borrower is servant to the lender. This is why it is difficult for the debtor to serve God faithfully. He has to be free from debt first. No wonder God hates debts. Deuteronomy 28:12 and 15:6. Many of us are victim of indebtedness. Debts reduces the dignity of a man making him to lie at will and to be scared of any unknown phone call. Fear inhabits the heart of a debtor. Debt is a spirit no wonder it makes its victim not to be able to pay up so as to remain in bondage. But today, YOU SHALL BE FREE.Nothing breaks and renders the spirit of debt helpless like giving to a man of God. God have deposited special grace into his servant to cancel debts. 2nd Kings 4 :1-7. Elisha was used to cancel debt by giving an instruction. You are going to sow a financial seed tagged ‘DEBT CANCELLATION SEED’ As you obey you shall be totally free.


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