(The initiators and the complements) Now the issue of premarital sex has become a struggle for many people, Christians inclusive. It is not that it is so powerful and cannot be subdued. But the issue is knowledge. Proverbs 11:9 says through knowledge shall the just be delivered. Deliverance is basically by knowledge. Don’t upset yourself, it would not end by prayer and fasting alone. Have you seen someone fornicating on the road in a public place? the answer is NO. Why? because they are conscious of the presence of people. Now if they are truly conscious of the presence of God(who is everywhere) then they would avoid this sin in private places. The issue we are looking at today is the facilitators(in itiators) of premarital sex. The devil is not the cause or the tempter. Until you understand the root of a problem you will keep getting victory today and defeat tomorrow. To be permanently free from premarital sex you must see yourself as the problem, not the devil. A man is tempted when he is drawn by his own lust,James 1:14 not by the devil. The devil is not fighting you, most of the time it is your lust, you feed your flesh and starve your spirit and your soul, so your body has no power to resist. For every act of premarital sex one person is either the initiator or the complement. The initiator makes the move while the complement allows the move for no just cause or basically just to please the initiator. The guy or the girl could be the initiator but if the other person refuses to complement, the initiator’s effort will be in vain. The major problem is not the initiator but the complement. Without the complement, the initiator is helpless. Now you must ask yourself the question, in that premarital sex issue, are you a complement or the initiator?. If you are a complement dating a complement, that relationship can easily be free of premarital sex. But if you are dating an initiator while you are a complement you have to flee otherwise you will fall. The solution for the initiator is to feed his or her mind with God’s word daily. The question is knowing who you are and applying the appropriate treatment. I see you free already, because when knowledge comes, power comes. You have the power to overcome that sin. Romans 6:14.


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