Things are falling apart in the house of God today, some times I wonder if it is God who is talking to some people to do some things on the pulpit. My spiritual mind find it difficult sometimes to agree with some pastors and their sermon. They preach fake word and wallow in their own foolishness calling it instruction from God. God is not a free talker, my God word is full of wisdom, it also come with solution by act not by miracle. Dissociate yourself from any man of God who trust more in miracle than the love of Christ. Miracle is not for the children of God because children of God are already living in God’s nature and God nature is eternal peace. Miracle is for those who will not trust in God except he gives them something first. You’re not a beggar brethren, God expect you to make him known to the world. For those who believes in miracle, what will now happen if you don’t get miracle again? Miracle seekers are the people who change Church like shoes, they move from one Church to another for no reason.


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