Sinner is a man who is wrong and refuse to change from his wrong ways. The tale of prodigal son was talking about sinner actually. The story could have remain a story about a prodigal son who left his father but something happen, and that change the story. The prodigal son came back home and ask for his father’s forgiveness and the father forgave him. A sinner is not condemned by God except he condemned himself to God.
How can a sick man get cured if his run away from medication and deliverance?
God gain nothing from you been a sinner but you have lots of things to benefit from God when he forgives you. The prodigal son was adorned with new garment and new inheritance when he returned and confessed himself to his father. It is a great lost for you to lose your inheritance in Christ Jesus. Die to rest in peace after judgment of the lamb not in pieces, pain and agony in hell.


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