I must seek everyone’s forgiveness thast follow these posts (I have already seeked forgiveness of our Heavenly Father). I have not made any for them for the last two days because I was in a personal dark place, It was not a place where I was doubting our Father. I know He will see me through no matter what I am going through. I was in a place where I was doubting my own place in His design for my life. Satan has been sending attacks my way for several weeks. I have met each attack with the words of God and the strength He has given me. I have stood strong in my faith and stood with God’s support and grace.
But these last two days I have been questioning if one of the reasons for these attacks,was that I was outside of God’s design for my life. Was I truly doing what He wanted me to do? Was I truly making any difference in anything with these words? Was God truly giving me these words to pass along? After much time in prayer and study, I have discovered these thoughts were just another form of attack! Satan is a tricky, deceiving imp, and will stop at nothing to desuade God’s messengers and saints from delivering His Holy words to all who need it. I am more dedicated than ever to delivering the words God places upon my heart, to share with all who will receive them. For all who read them, please feel free to share them along the way so that others may receive them who may need them. Read and study His word for support and strength. God will never be the one who sends you to that darkness – remember he is the God of Light. We may send ourselves there, usually with help from Satan, but we actually do it to ourselves. God is our way back. CHRIST IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIGHT! HE IS THE WAY BACK FROM THE DARKNESS!


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