He may allow bad things to happen to His children, but there is always a reason that fits into His perfect will. It may be we need to go through something to be prepared for something in the future. It may be something needs to happen to you in order to show your faith to someone else. It could simply be God demonstrating to Satan that we are truly His child just as He did with Job. We need to remember that Job was a truly righteous man who lost everything through no fault of his own. Even when his supposedly righteous friends and elders turned against him, he stood on his faith. He never wavered in His faith in God. He trusted his knowledge of God’s love and faithfulness to sustain him. He knew God was in control and that all things would be worked to his good in the end – in God’s time. There was nothing really special about Job as far as his humanity is concerned. He was just a man like you or me. He had been blessed by God in his life, but it was not perfect even before the trials given to him. Yet he stood on His faith and when everything was over and done with, he was rewarded for that faith by God for his steadfast belief in God. The long and short of it is this. If Job, an ordinary man, can stand before everything Satan threw at him, why should we do less? What excuse do we have when we are attacked by Satan? If our faith is in the Lord, we have nothing to fear. GOD IS IN CONTROL AND WILL WORK ALL THINGS TO OUR GOOD!



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