1. Dating has to be between two born again people only (2 Corinthians 6:14-17). 2. A believer may enter a relationship only IF they intend to get married. In other words, dating has to lead to marriage. But if the believer is not intend to marry, THEY MUST NOT DATE AT ALL. We don’t condone FORNICATION HERE. We don’t live like people of this world who date for a short time and then move to the next person. 3. A believer may only get to into a relationship if they know Gods plan for their life are complete and satisfied in Him while they are single. It is not wise for a believer who is not fulfilled in the Lord and does not yet know himself / herself in the Lord to get involved in dating. 4. A believer must first pray before getting involved when they feel its time to start dating and that God has release them. They must pray for God’s guidance and wisdom for the right person. The right person will fulfill God’s plan for both of your lives with. The bible does NOT show God designation a specific person you must marry (soulmate), but it show that you may enter marriage with one person you love as long you are born again (2 Corinthians 7:39-40) However, God knows the kind of person you marry so that you’ll fulfil His purpose successfully and sometimes He even chooses partners for us as a loving parent who wants the best for His children. Therefore it is wise for a believer to seek God before entering into a relationship, wait for God’s time and not to hurry. At the right time, God will free him/her to start dating. 5. A believer must not just enter a relationship because of boredom or loneliness, but must enter under God’s guidance and time 6. A believer must not just consider the outward appearance of a person of a person when start dating, but they must make sure that they date one who loves and is zealous for the Lord. 7. Sex before marriage is not allowed when dating or actions that could lead there. Sex before marriage is called fornication in the bible (1cor 6:9-12 ; 2cor 7:35-36) 8. Believers in a relationship must build their spiritual lives together; they must have proper foundation for their spiritual lives. This will help ground them in their love life. 9. A believer must be in a relationship with just one person at a time and remain faithful to that person. 10. Believers must let their spiritual leaders know when they get into a relationship.

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