A few days ago, I was reflecting on my life. I was looking at my childhood years, the fantasies, dreams and ambitions I had and why I haven pursued most of them. I kept asking myself; What happened to all those childhood dreams and ambitions? There is no doubt that I have seen some of my childhood dreams come to pass. But I realised that I could have accomplished more if had been a bit bolder and hungrier. After sometime, i changed the question: Is too late to pursue those that are left and still dear to me? My dear, I don’t know you. But I know you had childhood dreams and ambitions just like me and my friends. And I want you to know is that it’s not too late to resurrect and pursue those that you were truly passionate about. As matte of fact, were they not the reasons why you couldn’t wait to grow into an adult? So why now? I mean, now you find yourself in the adult field and you have become less ambitious and timid. Those childhood ambitions and dreams are meant to release you into your greatness. Yeah, I agree, it’s not all childhood dreams and ambitions can be resurrected and pursued because things have changed drastically. Technology alone has change things so dramatically in our world today. But what about the drive, enthusiasm, hunger and passion you had for them. They are the most potent weapon you need to win the game of life on your own terms. My dear, it’s time you wake up. It’s time to bring back the kind of drive and enthusiasm you had for your childhood dreams and ambitions. Decide today to pursue that single ambition or dream that had always brought joy and happiness into your life when you where a kid. Here is the deal: to become the true winner you were created to be, you must be ready to tap into the drive and enthusiasm you had for your childhood dreams and ambitions. Your chosen for greatness! You are truly born to win. Stay Motivated! Stay Blessed

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