What is a spiritual growth? It is the will of God for us to become like Him, to be Christlike, Its not only knowledge of the bible. We need the spirit of God to grow. PRINCIPLES OF SPIRITUAL GROWTH 1. Prayer 2. Bible study 3.Fellowshipping
4.Witnessing-Testifying is a bomb to overcome the devil. 5.Obedience- obedience is the key to rapid growth. The more you obey God the more you grow spiritually. Physical life needs food, The same applies to spiritual growth , you need all those principles for you to grow. 1Timothy 2:15 James 1:18-27 HOW DO WE SEE SOMEONE WHO’S GROWING? 1.Greater sensitive to sin 2cor 7:10-14 2.Craving to knw God more and more 3.He doesn’t entertain the things of this world Rom 12:1-2 4. His love grows eph 5:1-2 5. He’s quick to forgive. 6. Concern for others 7. He constantly go for the things of God. 8. Increasing desire to know the things of God.

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