Praise Worship Confessions: Psl.46:1; Heb. 1:14; Phil. 4:19; Num 6:25; Deut. 28:13; Dan.1:17; Psl. 5:12; Psl. 119:165 Lord, bless the efforts of all who are involved in selling our products. Lord, give our people favour with the customers. Father, help our salesmen to understand the needs of our customers. Lord, help our sale representative never to oversell, but always to efficiently present our products and services. Father, let the Holy Spirit teach us sales promotion and increasing sales techniques. Lord, help us always to remain ahead and not behind. Lord, help us to offer our products in the proper way. Lord, give our salesmen favour when making sales representatives. Almighty Father, cause a hunger or request for our goods and services in Jesus’ name. Lord, open new doors and provide new markets for our goods and services. Lord, help us to increase sales and add new markets daily.


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