In most countries if someone is elected into an office of a governor He will be under constitutional immunity. That is ….he will not be persecuted or arrested for the crime he COMMITED in the office , he or she is protected. But after the expiration of term HE WILL FACE THE FULL WRATH OF THE LAW. OUR IMMUNITY IN CHRIST EXPIRE AFTER DEATH, THOSE PASTOR TELLING YOU TO CONTINUE IN SIN UNDER GRACE DO NOT LOVE YOU AT ALL, EVERY CRIME A GOVERNOR COMMITED WHILE IN OFFICE WILL BE BROUGHT BEFORE THE LAW, HE WILL HAVE TO DEFEND HIMSELF…. THE IMMUNITY GARMENT IS OFF. HE IS NOW LIKE OTHERS.
BELEIVERS ARE THE ELECT OF GOD , WE ARE SAVED BY GRACE, ALSO CHOSEN BY GOD BUT WE MUST BE CAREFUL TO USE THE TIME WE HAVE TO THE GLORY OF GOD AND NOT HAVE A DIRTY RECORD AFTER OUR TIME ON EARTH Personal grace expire after death, Hebrew 9:27 GENERAL GRACE EXPIRE AFTER RAPTURE DURING THE TIME OF IMMUNITY / GRACE……. 1 Your sins are recorded 2 No immediate punishment 3 Time to repent is given 4 God will be expecting a transformation 5 the blood of Jesus will be available to cleanse if sins are confessed 6 if you don’t repent then the consequences will be waiting for you after death 7 All that Jesus did was to buy time ……called “grace” COUNSEL …….
In your time of immunity or grace don’t steal and ….if you do repent quickly
Don’t fornicate Don’t kill
Don’t lust Don’t worship idol Don’t love money Serve God Don’t divorce Be at peace with all men Don’t lie


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