THE mystery about rapture is that it does not have a fixed time Day, date, month or year IF WE KNOW THE YEAR…WE CAN PREPARE IF WE KNOW THE MONTH …..IT WILL MORE EASIER IF WE KNOW THE DAY……MANY WILL BE RAPTURED IF WE ARE TOLD THE HOUR.. ..ALL CHRISTIAN WILL GO BUT NOW …..we don’t know any of this not even the decade, the only thing we knew, is that it is OUR GENERATION. OUR TIME, MY YIME. YOUR TIME many of us living here will not die but witness rapture alive. Therefore if you are ready before, be ready still? Your preparation of last year is not the ticket for rapture You must be prepared still Your Last record is very important here Pray that the hour of rapture favour you Somebody can be qualify,in the morning and disqualify in the night Somebody can be ready on Sunday and did not make it on Monday Somebody may be ready when leaving for office and disqualify while coming back from office IF WE REALLY WANT TO MAKE RAPTURE. WE MUST WATCH 24 hrs
That is be ready every. Day every time, every month, every where Are you still ready Are you rapturable Are you still keeping to the path of those really ready SINCE WE DONT KNOW WHEN THE MASTER WILL COME WE MUST BE READY EVERY TIME. UNTIL YOU MAKE HEAVEN KEEP RUNNING IN THE RACE

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