I mean those who refuse to yield to holiness in character and holy dressing.
Revelation 3;10 If you heard that children and some Christians had disappeared same time all over the world then YOU HAVE MISSED RAPTURE ADVICE
Don’t go for any registration as soon rapture takes place the world leader will count and register those tho are left behind christians or not Don’t take any mark on any part of your body is an irreversible decision if you do Don’t go to your church the Antichrist will take over all those beautiful churches you cherished now he will turn them to place of new religion.
After a while you must leave your house your car you can’t drive those cars without the mark. If you are arrested you must not renounce christ even if they remove your eyes today and your teeth tomorrow Many will be tortured barbarically. if anyone is shot or hanged he should thank God that death will come fast If you find nothing to eat endure . Dont kill your self else you end up in hell. Dont bother to go to work or school or bank or ATM point. Repent of whatever makes you to miss rapture Dont be deceived by anyone those days You will have to endure for 7 years because Antichrist will rule for 7 years If you are couple don’t bother to raise kids or get pregnant it will be hard to eat then. Run away from families who had the mark of the beast. Write out this message in a sheet of paper and keep it till it happened because without you will not have access to internet after rapture. WHEN THE LORD CALLED ME HE TOLD ME TO PREPARE THE SAINT FOR RAPTURE IF YOU PREFER RAPTURE TO GREAT TRIBULATION then repent now live a Godly character and a godly way of dressing Share this with your loved ones christians or non christians I will repeat this message every month till am raptured Yours in his vineyard


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