I DONT WANT TO PREACH ABOUT MONEY, BUT I DISCOVER THAT SOME GENUINE CHRISTIANS ARE NOT FULLY INFORMED ABOUT TITHING I DONT WANT ANY OF MY FRIENDS TO MISS RAPTURE FOR THIS PURPOSE . SO I DECIDED TO WRITE THIS MESSAGE TO OPEN THEIR MIND TO THE TRUTH, THEN MY HANDS WILL BE CLEAN. Note that tithe was intoduced by God for the Levites in Israel Who were not given a land, Levticus 27:30. NEHEMIAH 10:38 after the death of Jesus their Land WAS NOT RETURNED ….SO THEY MUST CONTINUE TO RECEIVED TITHE …..THE APOSTLE CAN NOT STOP THEM, SINCE THE CHURCH IS NEWLY BORN THEN, The church is bothered with 1 GENTILES becoming christian 2 CIRCUMSITIONS IS STILL AN ISSUE 3 DISTRIBUTION OF MATERIALS 4 PERSECUTION….was more important to the Apostle than tithe, instead of tithing by giving God 10 % they share things in common some gave 50% FACTS
Tithe came before the LAW The first person to receive tithe was Melchizedek and that was ….Jesus christ Genesis 14 :18-20 Jesus did not abolished tithe The Apostles did not abolished tithe JESUS is the rightful person to collect tithe since he founded it and is our LIVING AND ETERNAL PRIEST,,but before he Ascended he share his office among Apostle, prophets pastor Evangelist and teachers. If any one is called into any of this office he is qualify to receive tithe directly or through salary in the church BUT HE OR SHE MUST BE FULL TIME As Gentiles you don’t have Levites in your nation so you must render your tithe to cater for the Levites of Gentiles as mentioned in Ephesians 4:11
If you don’t want to pay 10% of your tithe as Gentiles then you must do WHAT THE APOSTLES DID BY SHARING 50% of your salary monthly salary If you are not working then YOU ARE NOT OWING ANYTHING , BUT YOU MUST TITHE IF SOMEONE BLESS YOU WITH MONEY Tithe is not design for building the church but to feed the full,time ministers who in turn are feeding the people with Gods word Your tithe are recorded in heaven to build your mansion in heaven Don’t pay tithe on school fees or money given to you by your husband to buy food stuff for the family If you have been owing God tithe before repent AND START TO PAY AFRESH
Refusal to pay is seen as robbery , beçause tithe is NOT AN OFFERING IS A SPIRITUAL TAX Is a must for pastors too to,pay tithe of their salary or income All this gospel work that is suffering from finance, those whom God expect to use their tithe to fund it will answer to God Tithe taking to a church not established by God or whom the Lord did not call is waste of tithe. You can’t give Satan offering and expect God to record it In CONLUSION , IF YOU DONT WANT TITHING TO AFFECT YOUR MAKING HEAVEN 1 Go to Israel go and give the Levites ….OR 2 pay your tithe in your church or to a genuine servant of God …..OR 3 do what the Christians did by selling your properties and bring it To the Minister of God or at Act 4:35-37 SO …….TITHE WAS NEVER ABOLISHED IN THE BIBLE

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