Lies are not uncommon as far as relationships are concerned. There are some simple lies almost every lady must have told at a point in time; probably to a man she’s dating or to a man that’s asking her out. You would hardly see a lady that hasn’t told a lie while growing up or even till present. Some are simple white lies while others are not too simple.
This promises to be fun; read on as the ladies little lies get exposed. 1. I’M ON MY PERIOD I don’t think there isn’t a lady that hasn’t told this lie; using period as a reason not to have sex is common among ladies. It could be because she isn’t probably in the mood or she’s angry with her man or maybe because she suspects the guy just wants to take advantage of her; there are so many scenarios where this happens but almost every lady most have told this lie. 2. I’D BE READY IN A MINUTE That one minute might lead to an hour. This is one white lie every lady tells; we know you want to look good, we know you need to have your makeup spot on, we know it isn’t something that you can rush up within seconds, but come on; it’s quite frustrating when we have to go through this time after time. 3. I DON’T HAVE A PHONE I think every lady must have told this lie at a point in time. There was a period when this lie was the quickest lie every lady had to tell to a guy she really doesn’t like; it’s not as common as it used to be but every lady must have told this lie at one point in time. 4. I’M NOT ANGRY This is also another lie that holds sway to this day. You can feel the anger boiling through her, you can see the expression on her face, yet she tells you that she isn’t angry. This is one lie that would forever remain.
5. I. DIDN’T HEAR MY PHONE RING When a lady is getting tired of her man or when she’s avoiding a guy she doesn’t like, this is one lie and one action she takes to frustrate him. Most times, she heard those calls but probably didn’t want to pick; sometimes it could be genuine though, but I wouldn’t always bet on that. 6. I’M NOT READY FOR A MAN YET This is one subtle way of telling you, I don’t want to date you. She might come up with flimsy excuses like she doesn’t need men trouble right now or she just needs a break but those are just words she uses to soften the effect of her telling you “I don’t want you Mr”. If a lady is single and she wants you, she would always take that chance of being with you – no matter what. So I’m pretty sure every guy must have been told this lie and every lady must have told at least four of these lies.

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