Pregnancy brings a lot of dos and don’ts. I know this is very frustrating to restrict ourselves, so I am suggesting you minimum dos and don’ts list which brings you and your baby safe and healthy. Here it is: 1.Drink a lot of water:Always keep yourself hydrated. Keep a water bottle handy, so that you can drink water frequently. 2.Avoid caffeine:Avoid coffee, cola, herbal teas, energy drinks as much as you can if you avoid preterm labor. 3.Take a balanced diet:Taking balanced diet gives you lots of benefits like healthy baby, healthy pregnancy, less morning sickness, less nausea etc. 4.Take prenatal vitamins:Take vitamins regularly and religiously. 5.Don’t smoke or drink: Dn’t smoke and sit in smoky environment. Don’t take alcohol too. 6.Visit doctor regularly:Go to the doctor regularly.Don’t take medicine without doctor’s permission. Folic Acid is important. Always remember X-Rays are harmful to the fetus, so never go inside X-rays room. 7.Avoid Negative Thoughts and Actions:Think avoid your baby and keep away yourself from negative thoughts, people and actions. Avoid stress too; it is bad for you and your baby both. 8.Avoid Fish and junk food:Avoid meat, fish, and junk food. Take only fresh and healthy food. 9.Should Not Use a Sauna, Hot Tub or Take Long Hot Baths:Your body temperature should not be increased from 102 degrees; it is a danger to the developing fetus. So you should not use a sauna, hot tub, take long hot baths or working outside on hot summer days. 10.Don’tsomething up off the ground: Dn’t lift heavy. Don’t something pick off the ground if you are full term SHARE

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