The Lord has warned me not to argue with anyone on this Post, if the only thing you see here is the Picture instead of the Post that is calling you to repentant… You need serious deliverance. Someone argued, “why did Satan not swallow his Pride, go back to God, beg him, so that, we will all go back to the Garden of Eden and lives there joyfully naked? What say you on this? Gen,3v1-8:- In dialogue, the devil posed a question; “Has God said you should not eat everything in the Garden? We shouldn’t forget here that serpent was in human form before He beguile Éve, It became crawling being after the curse. Eve answered:- “Obviously not everything in the Garden. We are free to eat everything but one. If we do, the consequence is death. And the devil continue:- “I can understand why God restrained you from that particular one. There is something He is trying to prevent you from experiencing. He is actually limiting your chances for self- actualization. Not so much about death as the result anyway. Eve wondered:- “Really!, “It means God is not fair to us, What is He trying to prevent us from? I think His command is not fair. You really have given us an eye-opener. We cannot thank you enough devil. And the devil replied:- “Eve, you are welcome. I just felt it is not fair to keep you from what could benefit you. that’s all. Take another look at the fruit and compare it with other fruits in the Garden. You will understand better what I mean. Eve said:- “Thanks devil; I cannot wait to eat this forbidden fruit. And she reached for it; gave it a bite and rushed to her husband for a bite too. There and then, they missed it on God’s plan for their lives in the Garden of glory and perpetual pleasure. The curtain was drawn and the rest is history. In this drama, there are many lessons to learn, some of which are:- stop been in an isolated place always, “devil could penetrated because Adam wasn’t with his wife at that given hour, devil beguiled Eve. How? Devil knew that if He walked directly to Eve and convinced her, she won’t listen to him, so, he has to came through serpent’s mouth.
Imagine you just see a snake on a trees talking to you, asking you, how are you? how will you feel??? Eve was deceived in a cunning way. “How many serpents has beguiled you? Lured you into premature sex at the age of 16 and now, countless abortion? Beguiled you to steal company’s money? Beguiled you to joined the societies from marine kingdom who walks on streets almost naked? How many serpents has comes your way, telling you, “It Doesn’t Matter Jor?” how many serpents has beguiled you into illuminati, just because you want money and fame? How many serpents have you permitted to beguiled you, that there is no Hell, if you die, its finish? Your sin can not take you to Hell? Our God is too compassionate to send sinners to hell? Its only those who do not believes in Jesus that will go to Hell, not sinners? How many people have you allowed to beguiled you into smoking? Drinking? Clubbing? Drawing tattoos and living ungodly life? When you are in a lonely place, serpent will beguile you to masturbate. Serpents has successfully beguiled some ladies to an extent that, they can’t walk on the streets without makeups. Just by eaten the forbidden fruit, the man fall, and brought curses and death upon himself and his offspring. How many forbidden fruit have “U” eaten? This Post is a call to Repentant, not argument and unnecessary criticism. Many people can argue their salvation to the point of Death just like Éve. Remember:- on that day, We will all stand before the Judgement throne of God where all mouths shall be silent and render an account on how we spend our life. God’s Kingdom required every seconds repentant not self-justificat ion. The Grace is still very much available. Next minutes may be too late.


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