He made you unique. He made you to do incredible things. He made you to be the one thing no one else could be – YOU! Every person has their own talents and gifts. God has a purpose for each and everyone of us. What He created me to do, is different from what He created you to do. He does not want us to try to be better than anyone else, or even to compare ourselves to one another. That is why we are each unique in what He has in store for us and in the talents, gifts and abilities He has given to us. We are the body of Christ. How would the body be able to function if we were all alike? Without eyes, the body could not see the lost so it can lead them. Without ears, it can not hear the cry of the helpless to give them hope. Without a mouth, it can not give words of love and encouragement to the lonely and forgotten. Without hands, it can not reach out to lift up those who have fallen. Without feet, it can not walk with those who need guidance and direction. It takes each one of us, doing the things God has created each of us to do, for the body of Christ to do what it needs to do – THE WILL OF GOD! God created each of us for a unique purpose, something only you can do. Maybe it is singing or preaching or teaching. Maybe it is just to inspire and lead someone to Him through your life, words and actions in your everyday life. There is no job too great or too small for a child of God. With God, all things are possible. With God, nothing on earth can ever stand in the way of His plans and will for your life. HE HAS A JOB THAT ONLY YOU CAN DO. ARE YOU LISTENING? WILL YOU ANSWER HIS CALL?


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