We know that Christ performed many miracles during His time on the earth. He caused ther lame to walk, and the blind to see. He removed sickness from many, and caused other illness to completely disappear. He calmed the raging seas and caused the wind to cease. The miracles of God through His Son, Christ Jesus, were signs unto the the world of Christ’s divinty – God’s one, true Son! God performed miracles throughout the Old Testament as well. He caused rain to cease and then to fall. He gave victory to the israelites over armies many times their size. He caused walls to fall and armies to scatter before His people. Today, the miracles of God still exist. They are as real today as they were over 2000 years ago. The birth of a child is a miracle of God. The orbits of the planets, the sunrise and the sunset, all are miracles of God. His healing miracles still occur today. How many have heard of cancer patients, told they were incurable, yet their cancer disappears? How many have heard of victims of automobile accidents and fires and such, walking away without a scratch, when all who observed ‘knew’ all involved would be dead. Today, I bring you a personal testimony of a miracle that could only have come from God. Six years ago, my wife lost the sight in her right eye due to a virus called occular-hystoplasmosis. It causes the blood vessels of the retina to bleed. When it attacked her right eye, it occured overnight, and the only way to stop the bleed was to use a laser. The sight had already been lost in the right eye so it was decided to burn the retina with a laser to stop the bleed. She has not had sight in that eye for the past six years. The virus was dorment in her left eye until last year when it started to bleed and caused her to lose approximately a fourth of her sight in her left eye. Injections were used to stop thre bleed and all remained ‘status quo’ till her recent hip surgery. The left again began to bleed, leaving her with approximately one fourth of her sight left. We have again began injections to stop the bleed. My wife has been the subject of many prayer warriors over the past two months. Our earthly church has had her on our prayer list throughout her surgery, and now with her eye problems. Where she volunteers, has a prayer circle every morning, which has been including a prayer for healing in her eye since the problem resurfaced. Earlier this week, we were sitting in bed, and my wife had been dozing, while I prepared for work. She looked at me and said, ‘I can see you. Not my left eye, but my right!’ I looked at her and told her to go back to sleep, she was dreaming. I dismissed it, but the thought kept coming back to me throughout my work shift. When I arrived back home, I asked her to cover her left eye completely and tell me what she could see. SHE SAW MY FACE, WHAT I WAS WEARING, THE TELEVISION,AND EVERY ITEM THAT WAS ON THE DRESSER NEXT TO OUR BED! ALL THIS WITH THE RIGHT EYE WHICH HAS HAD NO SIGHT FOR THE LAST SIX YEARS! It is blurry, but any sight is more than she has had, or was suppossed to ever have again. It is only about one third of the sight in her right eye, but it is there nonetheless. The laser burned the retina, and physically, as well as scientifically, is incapable of having any sight! There is no explanation of man, that can explain how she is able to see. The doctor, scientific man as he is, tried to tell us that the brian knew she was having trouble with the left, so it caused the right to see again.I asked him, ‘What is she using to see with in the right, since the laser burned the retina?’ He did not have an answer. GOD ANSWERED OUR PRAYERS AND IN SUCH A WAY, THAT ONLY THROUGH A MIRACLE FROM HIM, COULD IT BE EXPLAINED! Had He brought healing to her left eye, man could say it was because of the injections and the marvels of medicine. By giving her sight back to an eye which could not physically or scientifically, recieve sight, ALL PRAISE AND GLORY MUST BE GIVEN TO HIM! OUR GOD IS A GOD OF MIRACLES – YESTERDAY, TODAY, AND TOMORROW! PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!

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