Manifestations – Suicide Attempts; Poverty; Robbery; Thievery; Destruction; The Withholding Spirit; Lack >>> Roots… “The Works of the Flesh,” Galatians 5:19-21 I hate this spirit because it is out to rob, steal and destroy you anyway it can! This can be in your health, wealth, family, your dreams, your destiny ultimately, everything
concerning you! When God has shown me this spirit, the person looks
real pale and sallow. Their countenance is dead. No light around them….no life! The lady I cast this out of, just seemed to die when it left! she laid there on the
floor….not breathing! The Lord said, “Stretch out your hands over her like Elijah did and breathe life into her!” So I did! All of a sudden, she came to life! She took a deep breath! She shook her head, her eyes opened and
her cheeks filled with color! It was gone! God had showed her years before her lying dead on a slab, as Snow White! Yeshua, her Prince came that day and
kissed her through me and brought life back into her! Hallelujah! This spirit also partners with the Gothic Spirit you see so evident today in the young people who wear nothing but black, try and look as “pasty-white” as they can, chains around their body, bold wild hair dos etc. They are
entrenched in death symbolism everywhere…on their clothing, in their rooms…skulls, cross bones,piercings, all symbols of death. If there was a death in the family
and it was caused by a spirit of death, that spirit can transfer into them and convert them into these “walking dead” creatures! The Spirit of Robbery/Thievery is related through the Achan spirit! He robbed and lied about it in Joshua 7. It brought calamity upon his clan! If it is in your
genealogical heritage, you must bind this spirit and cast it out! The Destroyer is the Spirit of Death! The Death Angel! (Exodus 12:23, 1Cor 10:10 He comes to destroy everything in your path! Asmodeus is referred to as one of the seven princes of Hell. He is the demon of DESTRUCTION AND DEATH….DEATH TO EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE!! In
Binsfeld’s classification of demons, each one of these princes represents one of the seven deadly sins (Pride, Lust, Envy, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, and
Wrath…..CHAOS! Is everything in chaos in your life….upside down and inside out?). Asmodeus is also the demon of lust and is therefore responsible for twisting
people’s sexual desires…..BIND AND CAST HIM OUT IN JESUS NAME! Pray:
“Dear Lord, Yeshua…. please forgive me for the sin I committed that allowed these demons in. In Jesus name I BIND your powers Satan and render you useless! I BIND
AND CAST OUT in Yeshua’s name, the Spirits of Death, Robbery and Thievery; the Destroyer and the Spirit of Achan! I BIND AND CAST out also the Spirit of
Asmodeus! Get out now in Yeshua’s name! I command you to go….you and your legions of demons! All of you now…..goooooo! deon of CHAOS…..GOOOO!!! Get out in Yeshua’s name! Take your troops Asmodeus and
leave!!! Legions of death spirits…..get out now!!! I command you alllll to go now! I put the blood of Jesus at the root at which you allll came in! I close those doors
now, seal them with the blood of Jesus! I send them to Jesus Christ of Nazareth for judgement and forbid them to ever come back or to touch anyone else on the way!
Goooooooo!!! YESHUA, I ask you now to send forth your warring angels on my behalf to defeat these demons of death! I
LOOSE now according to Math 18:18…. the power of the Holy Spirit on me to flush out these demonic forces! Life where there is death! I LOOSE abundance and prosperity
and where there is poverty and lack! I LOOSE blessings instead of curses and prophesies over me to be fulfilled! I LOOSE my inheritance to come forth! I reverse the curse
of Achan! I LOOSE love, joy and peace in the Holy Ghost! Satan I command you now to return everything back which you have stolen …..you are to pay me back 7 times what you have stolen, in this lifetime….Proverbs 6:31! (Make a list of everything that was stolen from you and order him to pay it back!
Put it back where it was! Take your authority!) Also, if you have anything in your house connected to these spirits, they need to go! Any ancestral jewellery with curses connected to them (Freemason rings, regalia) Furniture from relatives that have died of cancer, had a
spirit of death, cursed you…..get them out! Do not put anointing oil on them and think it’s okay! It is not, for the word of God says in Deut 26:7 Do not bless a cursed
thing! If they had a spirit of cancer or were cursing you in anyway….then it is a cursed thing! This verse God has proven to me over and over! Get those cursed items out
of your house!) Thank you Yeshua for setting me free this day, for taking
away these spirits of death! In your name I pray….amen and amen!”

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