MATTHEW 2 : 13 – 15. Happily lived ever after! The dream of having a secure and settled life after marriage! What was the dream of Joseph? What was his plan about his married life? The Divine intervention changed his dreams upside down!. Immediately after his engagement, his dreams distanced themselves from reality and so he tried to distance himself from Mary! He was a just man but he was just a man! His plan to break the engagement quietly was not approved by GOD and he set aside his dreams because of the dream! He obeyed, he sacrificed and he cared. His obedience brought any immediate blessing?, No!. Again he got a dream, a warning, a command to flee to Egypt! Reason? To protect JESUS from Herod! See the command, was it not peculiar? A man who obeyed so much was not allowed even to stay in that place! He was not even asked to go but flee! That too in the night! Why not some other option? Why not instant removal of Herod so that the obedient Joseph could have lived in the comfort zone? Because, it was a fulfillment of Scripture!( MATTHEW 2 : 15 ). But Joseph obeyed! See, Joseph got up and fled to Egypt with Mary and JESUS, not to protect himself or his dear wife but to protect JESUS! The calling of a missionary! The attitude of keeping JESUS, the WORD, as the reason for all the moves and stops! He didn’t even send but went! For Jesus sake! The first missionary! Dear friend, Come out of your comfort zone! Listen to the High calling! Let the WORD decides your moves and stops! If any of your move, vertical or horizontal, is going to hurt the WORD, then you are not in his perfect will! If necessary, let us suffer but not the WORD! *************************************************************************
I REFLECT AT NIGHT ON WHO YOU ARE, O LORD, AND OBEY YOUR LAW BECAUSE OF THIS. ( PSALM 119 : 55 ) **************************************************************************

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