SPIRIT OF LEVIATHAN Job 41 is the key passage on leviathan. Most of the people who have this powerful spirit never get deliverance because one of his chief jobs is to block deliverance. Ministers who refuse to open up to the ministry of deliverance are being controlled by a leviathan spirit. This is their chief problem. Most of the people who fight the deliverance ministry have powerful leviathan demons, and are therefore rarely delivered. Perhaps one of the reasons we know so little about this spirit is because we do not get to tackle him as often as others. Strong’s Concordance defines leviathan as a wreathed animal or a serpent. He is also called the constellation of the dragon, or Orion. Within the constellation Orion there are seven stars, each with a name. These names have been found helpful in dislodging leviathan in deliverance. Pleaides and Articus are two of these seven stars (demons) tied in with leviathan. Often when you manage to force them out, leviathan is also defeated. Oftentimes there is an Egyptian spirit tied in with leviathan, a spirit of the world and worldliness. Pride and leviathan are practically synonymous. It is hard to separate them because pride causes that stony heart to close the scales and folds together blocking the Spirit of God from entering. Some sit listening, but not understanding or hearing the Word of God. Leviathan’s most crucial work is in the area of keeping people from receiving the things of God and of the Spirit. Proverbs 16:18 warns that prides goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. The word for pride used here is one which means swelling excellence. Psalms 10:4 declares it to be the root cause of atheism. We are three part beings; we are soul; we have a spirit, and we live in a body. This is a type of the Holy Place where leviathan works. He is at work in our soul; in our emotions, mind and will. He attempts to keep us from entering into the Holy of Holies, into the very presence of God. This is the third veil and he does not want us there, for once there, we have got it. This third veil was rent when Jesus died on the cross. This was that veil between the Spirit filled realm and the very presence of God. No man could go there except Moses and the high priest, and then only once a year. Here leviathan stands to block entrance. He attempts to snuff out the lamps; cut off the bread (the manna); and he tries to keep us from offering up daily incense (prayer in the Spirit). He does not want us to move in the Spirit; to have words of knowledge or any other spiritual gift. He will choke us off with spiritual deafness and blindness, causing us to be tongue-tied. God said leviathan is living in the Holy Place and is a counterfeiter! PRAY: “DEAR JESUS FORGIVE ME FOR THE SINS I COMMITTED THAT OPENED THE DOORS TO THESE SPIRITS OF LEVIATHAN AND THE SPIRITS OF PRIDE! LORD JESUS…..FORGIVE ME OF THE SIN I COMMITTED TO LET THESE DEMONS IN! IN JESUS NAME, I BIND AND CAST OUT THE SPIRITS OF PRIDE, LEVIATHAN, HAUGHTINESS, ARROGANCE, SMUGNESS, IDLENESS, STRIFE, SCORNFUL/CONTENTIOUS SPIRITS, REJECTION OF GOD, SELF- RIGHTEOUSNESS, SELF-CENTERDNESS, SELF-DEJECTION AND VANITY! I TAKE AUTHORITY OVER THEM IN JESUS NAME AND COMMAND THEM TO LEAVE RIGHT NOW! GO IN JESUS NAME! I PUT THE BLOOD OF JESUS AT THE ROOT AT WHICH THEY CAME IN! I CLOSE THOSE DOORS, SEAL THEM WITH THE BLOOD OF JESUS, SEND THEM TO JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH FOR JUDGEMENT AND FORBID THEM TO COME BACK OR TO TOUCH ANYONE ELSE ON THE WAY! GO! NOW! “I break the curse of leviathan back to ten generations on both sides of the family, and destroy any legal rights or grounds which give evil spirits reason to operate. I destroy all these in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.” I LOOSE INSTEAD: A HUMBLE AND CONTRITE HEART SUBMITTED TO JEHOVAH GOD! I COMPLETELY SURRENDER TO HIS WILL! CHRIST JESUS IS ON THE THRONE OF MY HEART! THANKYOU JESUS! THANKYOU! AMEN


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