Handling teenage challenges in Christian homes. Proverbs 22:6 “Train UP a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Our topic is a confirmation of two realities: 1. Our teens have challenges and being from a christian home doesn’t exclude them from these teenage challenges. – We can’t deny it – We can’t just pray them away – We can’t be afford to be ignorant about these challenges. 2. What it means to be a teenager has changed(at least from their perspective) from what we used to know. – They live in a global world: A one world teen. More ‘exposed’ than you are. – Their physical and intellectual growth is highly enhanced. – The expectation from them is quite high. So we will be looking at how do we as christian parents handle all these issues and help our teenagers. The first step is to acknowledge that there is a problem. An honest look at our environment can confirm to you that teenagers growing at these times are faced with deeper pressures than ever. Some of the problems faced are: 1. The contest of the existence of God 2. The challenge of godly character 3. The challenge of sexual purity. 4. The challenge to fit in the fast paced world culture. 5. The challenge of clear teachings, upright examples and role models/disciplers. Let us look at each one:- 1. The contest of the existence of God: We know that the teenage age is the time that teenagers are forming their opinion about God and religion. The environment where our teenagers find themselves is highly secularized. The prevailing discuss is that their is no God and where they even believe that there is a being somewhere, it is not important for you to commit yourself to a religion. As parents, we need to know this, when your teen starts coming up with arguments on the non-existence of God or losing interest in the things of God, instead of you getting angry or forcing it down their throats, It is time to prove the reality of God to them on a personal level.
You can’t introduce someone to a person you have not met. Have you met Jesus? So how do you prove to them on a personal level? 1. Show them the product of your faith. – The christian walk is experiential and not a theory. – Tell them your salvation story – Answer their questions with sincerity – Let them practically experience God answering your prayers – Teach them the PRACTICAL ways of the things of God and ways they can practically relate with him. Untrue or high sounding spirituality expectations that doesn’t repeatedly prove itself will discourage them. 2. Expose them to spiritual principles and environment: – Teach them the Bible, don’t leave the church to do it. – Bring them to church – Let them partake in teenagers programmes where they can practically participate. It is your responsibility to train up your child in the way of the Lord …to be continued another time.


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