Mark 5:1-2 – TLB – When they arrived at the other side of the lake, A DEMON-POSSESSED MAN ran out from a graveyard, just as Jesus was climbing from the boat. …Verse 6 – NKJV – When he [the demon possessed man] saw Jesus from afar, he RAN and WORSHIPED Him. One of the most important decisions anyone can make here on earth is to honour and worship God. However, that is not the sure or only sign that a person is sane, good or godly. Even crazy people go to church and worship God! They may even run to get early to church and occupy the best seats. The madman ran and worshiped Jesus. He did not run away or hide from Jesus. Many people have regretted trusting someone simply because of the IMPRESSION that they had of them from a church meeting. They were impressed by their “godly” behaviour in a church service. Maybe they saw them sing and dance for the Lord with great enthusiasm, or they saw them eloquently preach the word of God. What they did not know then, is that they trusted a “crazy” person, or they dated a crazy person, or they even employed or went into business with a crazy person. Don’t make conclusions about someone’s character ONLY by the way they behave in church. Even madmen are reverent in God’s presence. Consider other equally or more important factors. For example; how do they behave at their work place? How do they relate to their spouse and children at home? How do they relate with people who are “below” them in rank and status? Are they honourable, polite and courteous? Do they blow kisses at Jesus in the church service but hurl insults at motorists on their way home? Would their work colleagues or neighbours get shocked to know that they are saved? Singles especially; don’t date someone just because they seem to passionately love God. Seek to know and see how they behave during the week, away from church activities. A con man or woman can put up an impressive show for a few hours on Sunday. Jeremiah 5:26 – For among My people are found wicked men [and women]…
Decree: In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I decree that by the grace and the blessing of God, I see the way the LORD sees. I see well and always make the right decisions. My decisions are based on righteousness and not merely on appearances. Amen! [1st Samuel 16:7, John 7:24]


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