•JUDGEMENT BY KNOWLEDGE• ‘The unspiritual (natural) man does not receive the Holy Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned (that is, a person without the Spirit of God is virtually ungodly, making him lack any true form of godliness). ‘The spiritual man judges all things, but is himself to be judged by no one’ 1COR. 2:14-15. The above Scripture weighs a spiritual man against an unspiritual man, and evidently enough it also gives us the difference between both. The difference between a spiritual man and an unspiritual one is plain: a spiritual man has the Spirit of God but an unspiritual man lacks it. This make a spiritual man greater, in all respects, than an unspiritual man. Apostle Peter underscores what it means to be spiritual; to possess the Spirit of God, when he wrote: ‘His (God’s) divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness…’ 1PET. 1:3. That is, generally, God’s own nature has been given to us through the Holy Spirit (1JOHN 3:9). And as a result, we have the personalities, characteristics, mind-sets, etc. of God, including His laws, regulations, etc. Apostle Paul categorically states that we have the mind of Christ (1COR. 2:16). For these reasons we are above unspiritual fellow men. This informed Apostle Paul to write: ‘The spiritual man judges all things, but is Himself to be judged by no one’ 1COR. 2:15. We are above judgement by fellow men, even angels; that is the position we occupy as spiritual bodies. And as a result, there is an expectation placed before us brethren, the expectation to be away from sin through the knowledge of what is good and what is bad; what is holy and what is sinful; what is godly and what is evil. Apostle John wrote concerning this: ‘No one born of God commits sin; for God’s nature abides in him, and he cannot sin because he is born of God’ 1JOHN 3:9 (1JOHN 3:6). If a spiritual man sins, it should be expectedly unintentional. However, if a spiritual man sins with the full knowledge and intention of doing so, it shows that he has betrayed the worth and expectation placed upon him by ignoring the convictions of the Holy Spirit; by searing his conscience. As Jeremiah prophesied about the redemption and transformation that would take place in man through the anointing of the Holy Spirit, so is it with spiritual men now. God says through this prophesy: ‘…I will put my law within them, and I will write it upon their hearts; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people’ JER. 31:33. This proves to say that God has implanted His laws, ways, desires…virtually His whole nature, in us. So, we, if we are genuine Christians, should instinctively know what God wants and what He does not want. He has given us the knowledge to distinguish right from wrong, this time not written on a tablet of stone as was the days of Moses, but on our hearts; our inward being. Apostle Paul wrote as a testament to this: ‘God has revealed to us through the Spirit. For the Spirit searches everything, even the depths of God’ 1COR. 2:10. Brethren, with all these, one thing then stands: “we have been given the authority to judge all things through the Spirit”. But note this brethren, the authority of judgement we have been entrusted with is different from the original sense of judgement, which is to pronounce the end or fate of things. No, that is not the type of judgement given to us, that authority of judgement belongs to God and Him alone (JAM. 4:11-12; ROM. 2:1-3; MAT.7:1-5; REV. 20:11-15). The authority of judgement that has been vested in man through the Spirit is the authority to judge by knowledge. To know what is good and to do it (PHILIP. 4:8-9); to know what is bad and refrain from doing it (JAM. 4:17); to know what pleases God and to pursue it (ROM. 12:21); to know what displeases God and shy away from such thing (ROM. 12:9). Generally, to know when the Spirit warns or convicts us of sins, and to know when to feel good for doing the right thing. This is the authority of judgement that has been given to us. Judgement by knowledge. It is the judgement that is expected from us to shy away from evil so as to keep walking in righteousness. The authority of this judgement does not exceed this. That was the reason Apostle Paul wrote that the spiritual man judges all things in 1COR. 2:15. That is if we are genuinely spiritual; if we are the true temple of God harbouring His Spirit (1COR. 6:19-20). He also wrote that we are not to be judged by anybody (whether fellow men-especially unspiritual men-or even angels). We have been ranked higher than being judged by anyone other then God. In 1COR. 6:1-6, Apostle Paul admonished the Christian Corinthians for taking their cases to other people (perhaps judges in court) when they should be the one judging cases by themselves, since God has given them the wisdom and knowledge to do so. He further elevated the authority of judgement given to them by saying that they were (including all spiritual persons) expected to judge the world and angels. This shows more the sense of judgement God has given us. So, it is our responsibility to know good from evil, and to make the world know what is right and what is wrong. Jesus has said we are the light of the world, and light, by its nature, is not meant to be hidden, but to shine well in goodness (MAT. 5:14-16). There is however, something of much concern that I have noticed in this world concerning revealing what is right or wrong. That concern is that the world hates to be judged. The people in this present world as it is, accuses believers of “judging” them when a believer points out evil or goodness. They do not want their bad actions to be known so they tend to try to cover it up. And whenever a spiritual man reveals this they accuse him of judging them, even though all what he does is to keep pointing sinful, evil things. But brethren, you are not to be moved by this. You do not judge a person’s fate by assuming the place of God. No, all you do is to judge by knowledge; that is, by knowing and pointing out what is bad. Though the world might attack and condemn you for this, never mind this, since it is your nature to do this so as to keep away from sin and to try also, to make other people keep away from sin. It has even been prophesied that a time will come when the world will prefer to listen to what they want and not what the Creator of the world wants for it; people will prefer their own comfort and truth to God’s truth, the real truth. For this Apostle Paul wrote to encourage us: ‘As for you (believer), always be steady (firm and steadfast), endure suffering (endure the world’s attack, accusation, and condemnation), do the work of an evangelist (do the work that has been given to you), fulfil your ministry (fulfil the responsibility God has given you as a spiritual person, which in the context of this teaching, is to make yourself and the world know the good from the bad)’ 2TIM. 4:3-5. Finally brethren, I am of the conviction that God has given to everyone that has the Spirit the latitude or freedom to decide anything that confronts them, as long as one follows the Spirit. So, do not shy away from making decisions, God has given you the authority and power to know the right decisions; you are the light that is to detect all falsities and hold to true things. More over, you have the Scripture to guide you, and I am sure you have spiritual elders who are more experienced, to advise you in the true ways. Plus, you have God Himself, you can go to Him in prayer; He always answer us because He owns us. That is a guarantee. THE GRACE OF THE LORD IN CHRIST BE WITH YOU (AMEN).


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