In the persuit of this great challenge there are many issues considered vital to its attainment among which is this topic:”BLESSED ARE THE PURE IN HEART”When we talk about being pure in heart,we speak of 1)those who have been delivered from the power of sin by the grace of God and thus striving consistently without deceit to please and glorify God in purity,and be like Him.2)Those who are seeking to have the same attitude of heart that has a love for righteousness and hatred for evil(Heb.1:9). 3)It also include the heart of God (ISam.13:14;Matt.22:37;ITim.1:5). Moreover,it is only the pure in heart that can dwell in the presence of God,both now and in the future kingdom(Ex.33:11-17;Rev.21:7;2 2:4). No wonder then,the blessedness(happy,enviably,for tunate,spiritually,prosperous)who possess the happiness produce by the experience of God’s favour,through the revelation of His grace,regardless of their outward conditions(Ps.23:3-4). BEING IN GOD’S PRESENCE REQUIRES HIS HEART NATURE It was established that those who were in His presence maintained a cordial relationships and indwelling with Him and at all times these relationships were dependent upon the heart conditions pf the persons involved. Enoch walked in habital fellowship with God and he was no more.David knew what pure heart meant in his relationship with God when he said “Create in me a new heart”(ps. 51:10). WHICH HEART CONDITION A heart devoid of offensives!Clear conscience,devoid of spiritual pollution and defilement,a sincere and unfeigned heart,devoid of all filthiness of flesh and spirit,the heart that is purified by faith and made entirely for God.It is this type of heart that is blessed of being in God’s presence now and assuring seeing in Him in heaven in future. WHY PURE HEART?(Prov.23:7) “For as he thinketh in his heart so is he….”To a great extent the type of heart a man develops dictates his relationship,action and emotions with God and livelihood.As such the heart condition you build has to be watched as: a)The heart is the center of intellect: i.e. Consideration of those primary issues involving the mind (Ps. 140:2) b)The heart is the center of emotions:All issues dealing with emotional character(excited and burning,troubled heart,humble and grieving heart (Ex. 4;14;Jer. 15:16). Brethren,if not watched,tamed and monitoted by the word of God,one may loose the pursuit of its purity that enhances his relationship with God.
NEED TO KEEP YOUR HEART CLEAN Without any doubt,a heart without or outside God will manifest two major things that largely destroys our relationship with Him


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