GAMBLING Gambling has long years history in our nation.Most of uncles and fathers who ended up badly and poor as they return to our village,lost every of their achievement to pool and betting.Watch many of these old pensioners,they hardly feed as they would put almost every of their little income to pool or Baba ijebu etc. These elderly losers started young;and it grew with them till old age,gambling has robbed them of good education and has equally robbed them of child training.The devil has succeeded in using four great thieves that neither use gun or knife to rob you and they are alcohol,gambling,women/men friends and drugs.None can invest in these and succeed in life.And it affect someone to end up as a beggar or as a thief to survive. SEVEN REASONS WHY YOUNG PEOPLE GAMBLES 1)Jobless,lack of employment 2)Poverty as a result of joblessness 3)A break down in our national morals 4)The availability of gambling opportunities 5)The enticement in their advertisement 6)The get rich quick syndrome 7)The failure to educate the youth on its danger and consequence In most cases youths are their clerks and even teaching the beginners how to play and how to win. HOW THEY GET STARTED a)They get started by betting on sport events. b)Trying #1000 to win #1,000,000 is appealing There are other factors that really put into gambling.


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