THE POWER TO SAY NO To say Yes is more easier than to say No.For a youth to say No among his/her peer is not easy;especially when you are away from your family and Godly friends.So as not be the odd fellow and to also belong and prove to your mates that you are social and well informed you easily say Yes to flow along. The pressure to fit in is enormous and it can exact a heavy toll even on the healthiest youths or teens.At times inexplicable behaviour by hitherto well mannered teen can only be explained and understood by the need to belong and fit into his peer group.The price of admission is often more than one can pay.Peer rejection can would young kids in such a significant manner that it contributes to feelings of inadequacy loneliness and chronic tendencies towards depression. Two or three wayward children can influence a group of twenty to waywardness.Many of this perverses and polluted children came from broken homes where parents are either divorce or live seperately.These families will generally be marked by divorce,marital conflicts,alcoholis,authoritarianism and general difficulties that cannot provide a secure,safe and nuturing enviroment for their children. SOME AREAS TO SAY NO It was never easy for Daniel to say No to the food provided them by the king.Everyone was eating and doing what Daniel perceived was against God.But Daniel purposed in heart to stand alone(Daniel 1:8; “But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king’s meat,nor with the wine which he drank:therefore he requested of the prince of the eunuchs that he might not defile himself” Prov.23:20;”Be not among winebibbers;amo ng riotous eaters of flesh” ICor.9:27;”But i keep under my body,and bring it into subjection:lest that by any means,when i have preached to others,I myself should be a castaway”). We must be able to say No when the following are offered to us a) Boyfriend or girlfriend relationship b) Hugging,kissing and romancing c) Cheating in examination d) Purchase of exam result or buying school admission process e) Drugs,cigarette,alcohol f) Occultism,love rings,magic rings,luck rings g) Yahoo,yahoo or manipulations h) Prostitution,pornographic films and magazines i) Early marriage proposal j) Attending parties and ceremonies from the campus with opposite sex
k) Sex for employment or for exam result and for school admission l) Half nude dressing and exposure of your delicate body parts. Don’t sell your honor and dignity now because it will not be easy to.Once you lose your virginity not even prayer can restore it. Though God may forgive you if you repent and pray but you will live with the pain and regret for the rest of your life. To say No at such a time requires courage and determination. Every one around you may be doing it;you may be seen as an odd fellow. Never be ashamed to take your stand in accordance with the word of God. Those who easily fall victims or those who find it difficult to say “NO” 1)Those who easily or fearfully adapt without thinking of the consequences 2)Those who have little ability to adapt and cope with changing circumstances 3)Those who are distorted in their sense of reality 4)Those with limited ability to establish true peer relationships 5)Those with limited ability to think in terms of cause and effect 6)Those who have limited ability to tolerate both negative and positive effects.
May the Grace of our Lord be with you all

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