THE VINE AND THE BRANCH,John 8:12;John 15:4-11;1John 2:12-14
Matt 11:27-30; John 10:8-15 Introduction
Our topic for this study is The Vine and The Branch, but it behooves us to look at it thus; The Vine and His Branch. It is pertinent that we observe this as a relationship, and a loving one at that,which ought to exist between us and our Lord. Abide in me,these were the words of our master and Saviour Jesus Christ,which he further exemplified by saying “without me you can do nothing”. John 15:4-11: 4)Abide in me,and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself,except it abide in the vine;no more can you,except you abide in me.
5)I am the vine,you are the branches:He that abides in me,and I in him,the same brings forth much fruit: for without me you can do nothing. 6)If a man abides not in Me,he is cast forth as a branch,and is withered;and men gather them,and cast them into the fire,and they are burned. 7)If you abide in me,and my words abide in you,you shall ask what you will,and it shall be done unto you. There are serious consequence of not abiding. There also wonderful fallouts of doing so. In this study we would be making an attempt to look at what it means to abide,and how one can abide. We will also look at some examples of men that stayed in the cleft of the rock and those that chose to free range. We will be particularly hoping that the Lord will help us pick a leaf of learning from their experiences.we will definitely not forget to look at the deception of the wicked one,who attempts to blackmail our following by making abiding look like slavery. We will note particularly such implements the evil one uses to severe into isolation such whom he intends to steal,kill and destroy. 1. THE VINE Identify from the following scriptures(John 15:5;John 8:12;John 10:11;Matt 11:29;John 1:1-2) A) Who is the Vine?Identify Jesus as the vine that existed from the very beginning. B) What makes Him the Vine? C) Who the Vine is (His personality and nature) 2.Abide in Me. A) Identify from the following scriptures what it means to abide?(Matt 11:29;John 8:12) B)Discuss from the following scriptures why abiding is needful?(John 15:5;John 8:12) 3.What cuts off a man from the VINE? A)Sin (Rom 6:23;Hos 14:1) B)Disobedience (Eph 5:3-6;Rom 12:1-2) C)Lust for the things of the world.(1 Jn 2:15) 4.What connects a man to the VINE? A)You must be born again(Jn 3:3;13-15) B)The Holy Spirit.(Gal.4:6;Act.1:8) C)Knowledge,Obedience of,and submission to His will.(2Jn 1:6-9;Jn 15:10) Examples of Men who were connected with the VINE. There are men that have gone ahead of us from whom we pick a leaf of learning on our journey through life.Discuss from these examples, 1) The events and things that connected them to the vine. 2)The benefits they ripped from such connection. A)David(1Sam 16:7,11-13) B)Daniel(Dan 1:8, 17-21) C)Joseph(Gen 37:2,5) 6. Examples of men who lost connection with the VINE. There are also many who failed to connect or lost their connections with God.Discuss from these examples, 1)The events that signified their lack or loss of connection. 2)what befell them as a result. A) Samson(Jdg 13:1-5;24,25) B) Saul(1Sam. 9:15-20) C) Dinah(Gen 34:1) The relevance of timing in connecting. 7)Discuss from the following scriptures the relevance of timing in connecting to the VINE. (Eccle 11:8-10;Eccle 12:1-8,13-14,1Jn 2:12-14) A branch does not just wither the moment it gets cut,it remains green for a while and this causes a sought of deception. After a branch withers,it is too late to graft back again. By the time many at later times realize the the implications of being cut off,it is too late to retrace their steps. CONCLUSION.(Eph 5:14-18) “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter:”these where the words of the wisest man that ever lived. And what did he say? “Fear God, and keep His commandments, this is the whole duty of man”.You have no better time to be connected to the source of life than NOW. Being properly connected to the Vine today is a state that is under blackmail from the world under the influence of the devil. It is meant to be a wonderful union but it is painted as slavery. Do not be deceived, in no distant time you will reap the reward of whatever choice you make. There is a season to bring forth fruits, if you get cut off only to come back later you would have been too late. May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all………….. (AMEN)


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