WHY THE CROSS When Jesus Christ was put to death by being nailed to a wooden cross,wicked men thought they were just executing a man who was disturbing their way of life.They did not realize that the cross was planned by God from the beginning of the world. I GOD DEALS WITH ALL SIN Through His Son’s death on the cross,the great creator God was dealing with every person’s sin suffering and sorrow.Jesus died in place of every individual in the world.Receiving personally what he has done on the cross brings the answer to all our needs. 1)God reveals His power through the cross (1Cor.1:18; Rom.1:16) 2)God demostrated His love on the cross (Rom.5:8) 3)God removed our sorrows on the cross (Is.53:4) 4)Jesus took the punishment for our sins on the cross (Is.53:5-6; 1Pet.2:24) II NEW RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD THROUGH THE CROSS Because God is so holy and righteous,sin seperates us from Him.No one with sin in his heart is able to be in His presence.So,not only by dying on the cross did Jesus suffer for our sins;but He also made it possible for us to know God personally and to experience the love,peace and joy which fellowship with Him brings: 1)We become acceptable to God through the cross (II Cor.5:21) 2)We receive forgiveness through the cross (Col.1:13-14; 1Jn.2:1-2) 3)We become members of God’s family through the cross (Heb.2:11-12; 1:12) Racial barriers are broken through the cross (Eph.2:13-16) III FREEDOM THROUGH THE CROSS Jesus’ death on the cross was a great victory for us.Because God dealt with our sins on the cross,it means that all the misery and suffering;which is the result of sin was also dealt with.The cross has won great freedom for us! 1)Freedom from Satan(Col.2:15;1;13) 2)Freedom from past sins(Jn.8:36;Col.2:13) 3)Freedom from present sins (Rom.6:14) 4)Freedom from sickness (Matt 8:17) 5)Freedom from the curse (Gal.3:13;Deut.28:15-68) 6)Freedom from judgment (Heb.9:26-27 7)Freedom from everlasting death (Jn.3:16 IV LOVE AND JUSTICE MET AT THE CROSS The cross is the place where the love of God and the righteous judgement of God met.His righteousness demanded the death as a penalty for sin the shedding of blood.His love met His own demands and Jesus,the son of God,died in our place (Rom.5:8-11) V THE CROSS IS THE CENTER OF HIS STORY The cross of Jesus Christ is the center point of mankind’s existence on earth.From the moment the first man and woman sinned (Gen.3);it was pre-planned by God that Jesus would die on the cross.From that time on,people looked forward in faith to what God promised.He would do on the cross to save them.Today we look back and by believing what Jesus has done for us on the cross;we receive forgiveness and new life. May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. AMEN

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