Rev. 2:10, Titus 3:11, II Tim 2:2 Marriage which is divine arrangement from God was instituted to take care of some fundamental needs of both man and woman created by Him. These include: * Companionship * Prevention of Fornication * Provocation etc. Essence of all these was to be able to live together, help each other and make themselves for reigning with Him at the end. The intitution made some provisions that could guide and direct those involved in marriage so as to achieve his goal and make him happy. These provisions include: A) Choice with the confines of the scripture. B) Following biblical principles (leaving, cleaving and oneness) C) Dependence on the leading of the Holy spirit. D) Accepting divine leadership arrangement (Gen. 3:16) E) Total commitment to the success of the marriage by both parties i.e (husband and wife) F) Faithfulness by both parties etc. For the purpose of this seminar, the last point given above is faithfulness is been considered so as to know and get to heart of God for instituting marriage. GOD FAITHFULNESS God who wants spouse to be faitnfulness in all areas. Some of these include:
A) All covenants and made in the scripture. Deut.28:1-8 B) Salvation plan for mankind. C) Allow the spirit to lead, guide and direct fee. Etc. He there ecpects to the latterfrom all that are His FORCE AGAINST FAITHFULNESS IN MARRIAGE
A) WOBBLE FOUNDATION B) Lack of understanding of biblical provisions C) Challenge of life D) Lack of adequate maretal experience E) Self centeredness F) Societla influence G) Devil’s struggle to reduce population H) Shallow knowledge of the Word of God. AREAS OF FAITHFULNESS REQUIRED IN MARRIAGE a) Marital conenants b) Biblical stipulations c) Sexual relationship Prov.5-18-24 d) Truthfulness e) Issue of finance and other assets f) Facing challenges together g) Consideration for the other etc. EFFECTS OF UNFAITHFULNESS * Individual struggle at home * Contact of diseases and spreading it * Challenges will have conducive place of rest * Division * Death Conclusion:
The Lord is looking for unfaithful husbands and wives who will enter into His place of rest. Are you available?


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