The word “DATING” is not in Christian dictionary. It’s not a Christian language but that of the world around us. This system is practiced by unbelievers whereby a young boy and a girl go out together in boyfriend and girlfriend relationship and it is one of the easiest way to corruption among the youths. Many young people most especially the youths, wants to do what others are doing and to prove to them that you social and educated, we just follow crowd in disobedience. It is difficult to start with dating and end up in a successful Christian home or marriage. COURTSHIP
Courtship is what happen when an individual patiently waited until he/ she completes his/her education and gainfully employed, sound in his love to Jesus as a saved Christian. Then begins to pray for God’s will in choosing a life partner. THE MISTAKES YOUNG PEOPLE MAKE (Judge 14:1-2) Samson- going into marriage with the unbeliever a) Samson ignore the warnings of his parents (Judge 14:1-3) b) A lion who roared against Samson was a bad sign (Judge 14:5) c) God rescued and deliverd Samson (Judge 14:6) d) Samson was satisfied to marry a girl from the enemy’s camp (Judge 14:7) Throughout this chapter Samson was playing with sin, though God was with him but paid little attention to God, to the extent that the girl was threatened to entice Samson or face death (Judge 14:10-15) i) The lady he has not married began to cry after Samson (Judge 14:16)
ii) Samson revealed the secret he said even his parents did not know (Judge 1:7). THE EVIL OF OUR DAYS The average teenagers would never dream of going out on a date without spendind sometimes preparing himself or herself in front of a mirror, yet most of them often approach the dating experience with little or no thought about the many decisions to be made by parents and teens in thinking of a life partners. WHEN SHOULD YOUNG PEOPLE START THINKING OF A LIFE PARTNER?
Some kids thought they are born ready to enter into a relationship,wh ile others grow wings when they are told to be patient. Some felt if I don’t rush to it now,I may miss it for life; you are wrong. STEPS BEFORE RELATIONSHIP 1 Give your life to Christ first 2 Face your education and earn your degree * Learn a trade to be gainfully enployed * Have an established business to meet your need 3 Have a secured job or business that can meet your need 4 Have a good accommodation of yours as a man 5 As a girl have a secured job or business before relationship. Although we know the hardship in securing a job in our country yet it is compulsory for the husband to be gainfully employed before going into the marriage. No matter the wealth of the lady you want to marry never depend upon her wealth, because God never commanded a woman to feed the home but the man (I Tim. 5:8). The woman is to support not to be the provider otherwise such a man would lose his respect and honor. No matter how spiritual a woman is, once the man cannot meet up in financing the family trouble is not far from such a home. SOME DANGER SIGNS TO WATCH AT This person you said God says you should marry 1) Is he/she born again? 2) Is he gainfully employed as a man? 3) Is he/she spiritually matured? 4) Is he/she emotionally matured? 5) Is he/she often influenced by peer pressure? 6) Is he/she coming for marriage or friendship? 7) Has he/she promised to remain pure sexually till after wedding? 8) Did his/her parents approve your relationship? 9) Is the pastor in support of that marriage? 10) Will you be able to live with this person for the rest days of your life? 11) Will this person increase or decrease me spiritually? 12) Will this person help me make heaven or not? 13) Does this person like my parents, my tribe and my people? If your new relationship is cutting both your friends and relations away, “beware”. Do not fight severe relationship with your relations/ family and friends because of your marriage, you may need them later.


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