If you pray more than you talk, the devil will caution himself about you…
When Esther began to pray and asked others to stand with her in prayers, every
spirit that would resist the future she was pursueing never stood to oppose her.
The spirit of fire ran from the three Hebrew boys that they went through the fire as
walking through a normal door.
Hungry lions don’t resist the scent of human flesh but Daniel’s prayer made them comfortable to hang around him in their deepest hunger.
Don’t wait till there is a need to start praying. Start praying that needs show up and
meet supernatural resources.
A woman used to fast five days every week to pray for her family and one day,
assasins came to their house and shot her husband in front of her and the kids but
the bullet touched his body and fell on the ground. The assasin shot again and the bullet never left the gun. He drop his gun with his two men and gave their lives to
Christ in the home.
Prayer ends the intimidations of the enemy stress free. Daniel was not sweating
when they came and took him off to the lions’ den. The three hebrew boys were not
struggling with their abductors. Not even the heat of the fire changed their
countenance. With a smile and lifeof prayer, Esther used the king as a tool. #PrayUntilSomethingHappens


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