Think about this, and think it very well
The world owes you three things, that I’ll now tell
And those three things it’ll always to you give
And after you’re done, it’ll from you take it
This world owes you nothing more than these three The cloth that you’ll wear, which may grow from trees
The food that you’ll eat throughout your lifetime
And somewhere to sleep, whether day or night
This is all the earth gives you; nothing more
This is all you get each time; nothing more
That’s why you cannot at any time take More than that which your stomach can contain
Or wear numerous clothes all at once
Except if you’ve joined team with the mad ones
And at one time in two rooms sleep, you can’t
Or in two cars ride at once, no, you can’t
And still, all these things, you’ll take away none Not even your body, I hope you know
All that the earth gives, it takes back from you
And perish with the body all the food
This is all that you own, “nothing” it’s called
You’ll leave this world with no pin, hope you caught
Think about it, do the right thing, today


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