When you see a place as a goldmine, you dig it differently from when you see it as
a grave yard…
Years back, after their wedding, he said, ‘I will make a great woman from my
woman’. He was excited not for the wedding but for her. He saw something inside her and he never once made a small commitment with her. Even when she failed,
he always tell her to wake up and try again. Today, they have made a beautiful life.
Vision is powerful than background. The way anything appears to you determines
how you place your judgment. Vision transforms people even dummies.
Sometimes, the problem living with a woman does not come from the fact that she
is a woman. It comes from the fact that a man thinks she is only a woman and nothing else. Most people’s wives are not problems but they seem to be problems
because that is the only vision their husbands have of them.
I was with a man when his wife on phone asked him to try more in assisting for the
family needs and the man banged the call on her and shouted, ‘Stupid woman’. He
saw his wife’s persuasion as her being stupid but another man may say at the end
of the call, ‘Thanks honey, I will try’. To the man, his wife was a problem but to another, she could be a better motivation.
I don’t have doubts that there are no bad women. There are many of them but
there are many great women their men have mistaken for bad women. Some
people can mistaken a gold as a rubble.
In my country, there is a city called ‘Aba’. Many years ago, people in this city began
to fabricate anything built abroad and their products usually come out as far low quality products. And everyone have come to believe that anything built in Aba is
fake but they were not aware when people in this city were improving on their
qualities that today, they make better quality shoes than Italian shoes. They make
clothes better than any world designer. They can rebuild any part of your damaged
car as if they were the company that bult the car. Aba is an economic empire even
being neglected by the goverment of Nigeria. Most men are not taking notice of the improvement their wives are making. They are still judging them from the poor
visions they have of them.
What do you see in your woman? There is need for you to define what you see.
God asked Jeremiah, ‘What do you see? And he said, ‘I saw an almond tree’ and
God said, ‘You saw correctly’. You don’t just need a woman in your life. Don’t be
attracted to her sexy body. Sit down and look inside her. What do you see? Every man should perceive a future in a woman before getting married to her.
Someone said to me, ‘I prefer my wife being a house wife so she could raise my
children’, and I asked him, ‘Did God create children to be raised by jobless and idle
women? God planted the man into work at Eden and said to the woman, ‘You are
going to become a work instrument too. Your husband will work and you do the
same by backing him up’. A mechanic would need a mechanic as a work skill mate and not a footballer. For God to create a woman a help mate, she was created into
what the man was created into. And man was created into work. Go back to
Genesis and you will discover that when God was announcing purpose to the man,
the woman was in that meeting. The call into work was made to the man and the
woman-GENESIS1;27-28. There is something quietly dying inside an idle woman
that her husband is not seeing. Most men see their women as goldmines that will attract changes in their life and
most others look at their women as helpless and hopeless persons they just got off
their hopeless backgrounds. This is why most men would say to their wife, ‘I know
how your family was when I came there and married you. Your father was not able
to build a house of his own. Was your brothers not jobless? What of your sister,
were they not all at home single? Women have heard worse than this from their husbands who only see where they are coming from rather than where they are
going to.

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