Joblessness is not a circumstance. It is a choice…
There is no place in the world where job is not at. There is job inside your soul.
There is job your excuses. Remember that when others said they saw giants,
Joshua and Caleb said they saw a future. And they got there
What do you see six months from today? I have had someone who once agreed
with me and in six months, she owned her own outfit and was talked about as if she was in the business for ages. She saw a future in six months and got hold of
the process. Maybe you are lacking a process. Each day you waste, something dies
in your future.
When God said, ‘Wherever you set your foot, I will give unto you’, He was saying,
‘You will create wealth in everywhere you are no matter how the place is’.
Have we forgotten when God affirmed us with, ‘I will give you the ability to create wealth’. That ability is in you. He never said He will give us ability to create excuses
and poverty but wealth. Why are we still poor with those abilities stocked inside
us? We are bunch of useless excuses blaming the goverment and loving our
incapable certificates. Your certificate won’t fund your future.
People have not failed because things are difficult. They have failed because they
believe that things are difficult. We have what is callled ‘Scarcity mentality’. We love to celebnrate roadblocks.
The first successful aircraft was built by two uneducated brothers from their bicycle
repair shop. The wright brothers did it. And you can do something different too.
Have you noticed that time hardly stop for a second or a minute for any excuse? If
time doesn’t stop, it means that everyday you are not taking action, your future is
wasting. There is a great destiny wasting away everyday you wake up and wonder why you
are in this world. Six months from today, you can create wealth and damn the


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