Every woman surrenders to process…
The only way a woman understand love is when you are patient with her. Too
many people are in hurry in their relationship. Most men who just got married have
started expecting too much from their wife. When you get married to a woman, you are married to a process.
A patient man is more powerful in marriage than the braviest man in the world. The
only most important factor that gives any man a win in his relationship or marriage
is to learn how to be comfortable with doing most things late rather than earlier as
he expected. Women always make men wait.
Most men would say, ‘Women can make you wait till thy kingdom come’. That is true because that is the way God designed them. You don’t expect your one year
old child to start cleaning your shoes and doing your laundry. God designed a child
of that age to ignore everything important. You don’t even punish a child of such
age for messing up the shoes and clothes you have prepared to wear out because
to destroy what they don’t understand is the way God desinged them. We all
destroyed things because we all were born kids and dummies. Every perfect human out there improved with process. That is every woman with you too and
theirs seems to be a life time attitude.
A man can do a race with the shower and in few minutes, he is ready to run from
the house for an appointment. But it will be a mistake for a man to expect a woman
to do the same race inside the shower and be ready in few minutes. Does it mean
that women don’t get appointments? They get appointments and still meet up. A man once said, ‘It takes my wife two hours behind to start getting ready for
anything’. The face of a woman is more important to her than the face of a man is
important to him. Most men forget to use handkerchief except when their wives
pressed the idea on them. Men don’t care sometimes if they have sweat on their
faces but a woman is always having a back-up powder to close up the gap a sweat
is creating on her face because it took her time to pad her face before leaving the house. Men don’t protect their face because they have nothing on it but women do
have a lot on their face. And a man must learn how to be patient with a woman
when she is working on her face.
You need to understand a woman’s purpose in life to understand how you live with
one. A man rushed in and was very hungry. He said to his wife, ‘Honey, is the food
ready? The wife replied, ‘Nooo, after you called that you were coming back to eat, junior began to disturb and I have been trying to quiet him down. But give me few
minutes, I will prepare soup’. The man was speechless. He said to his wife, ‘Ok. Let
me get something from my car’. He quietly went across his street and got a snack
and yoghurt and used that to hold his strenght till the food is done in the next two
to three hours. This is just the way life is with wise men. Never expect a woman to
abandon her child and focus on you first. Never mistake a woman’s attention to her children as a distraction to the love she vowed to you. They easily surrender to
process than men. If what should come first in action shows up when they are
engaged to do something else, they always abandon what is in their hands to pick
on priority. This is why if a young student girl is in love, she can use her school fees
to feed her boy friend first and later suffer her decisions.
Use a car for example. If a woman is first thought what and what to do before guaranting the safety of her car, you have committed her. I hardly check the water
and oil in the car but try and watch a woman before she drives out. That is another
assignment. She will even kick all her four tyres before she drives. She will check
everywhere even places her mechanics won’t check.
The ability of women to surrender to process should not get any wise man upset
because this is their God’s own design. women cannot do things men do in a haste. They improve.


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