#LetterToWomen Your husband is your assignment… What nost women criticize about their husbands are things they would have
changed long time ago with prayers. Your husband’s life is something God sent you
to help me change. Everyone in your life is an assignment. Nobody is completed
without your contribution.
A woman is a powerful intercessor in her marriage and not a divorcer. David was on
his way to slay the wicked and selfish Nabal but he never succeeded. His wife, Abigail interceded and won David over to her reason. God planted women in men’s
life to use wisdom and not just sex. Most women only talk to their husbands after
sex. Thats not God’s instruction.
Jesus said, ‘Speak to the mountain with your faith and it will be removed’. That
happens at the secret place of prayer and not at the secret place of sex. Under
emotion, a man may agree to hang himself for you but aftereard, he goes back to his senses. But what what results from prayer can affect his soul and unchain his
Intercessory prayer interrupts the plans of the enemy. If your husband is acting
weird, you need to act spiritually weird and his natural weird will give way. That
was what Abigail did. Years back, a man was flirting around and was even boasting
about to his wife he hated. His wife had a strong faith background. She mapped out her prayer lines
and told her husband, ‘I will be here when you will crawl to me a changed man and
that God you hate, you will serve’.
Months later, a prostitute poisoned the woman’s husband and ran with his
briefcase. The man spent time in the hospital suffering from organs failure and he
called on the name of the lord. His wife prayed for him and God restored his life. Today, he is a kingdom champion.
The bible said in the book of Hebrew11:35, ‘Women even by faith received back
from the dead their hisbands’. Any dead man can be revived when the right woman
in his life. There is power in who women are that is nowhere else. Even
scientifically, it has been proven that women stand more pain than men. A woman
can do twice what a man may not do once in his life time. You can stand at the gate of your marriage and win back your husband. You don’t need a physically
fight. You need a word of faith.
When queen Esther prayed, a national sentence of death was cancelled. Imagine
what you can do with prayers for your marriage than surrendering to war and hate.
The bible said, ‘Righteousness uplifts a nation’. If righteousness can take care of a
nation, it has the capacity to affect your husband. Your righteous stand before God is enough to recover any stubborn man except you are praying amiss. Just one
time prayer of faith, a nototrious king became a puppet in little Esther’s hands. You
just need a rationship with God to make your marriage right.
Cut down your much funfair lists and make a warfare list. God said, ‘you shall be
called the repairer of broken walls’. You can rebuild any broken man. I know women
who have prayed their jobless and weak husbands into their own fortune. Your husband is a task in your hands and not a court. Stop judging everything and
start praying about everything. Most useless attitudes in men are seeds the enemy
has planted inside them. Your prayer of faith will find those seeds and defile their
assignments. The prodigal son came back to his senses through his father’s
intercessory prayer. Your husband will become the man you wanted if your faith is
stubborn and violent- ‘The violent prayer of the violent shall take it by force’. A wicked man is a man filled with dark power. That is, demons. And he only needs
light sent into his life. Demon possessed people saw Jesus and they ran to him and
gave up their assignments. Those demons confessed and left. Jesus said, ‘You
shall do the works I do even greater works’. Start healing your marriage. Prayer
works. You are the best wife for your husband. Stay with him.


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