There are times in our Christian journey when the Holy Spirit will prompt us to step
forward in faith. Our faith in God requires action. As believers in the Lord Jesus
Christ, we will always have a test of faith in front of us. We weren’t born again to
remain stagnant; rather, our journey is about constantly growing and stretching. Staying in one place too long is the first sign of regression in our faith.
Stepping forward in faith means that we won’t always see clearly what’s ahead.
Even though we may want a map with clear and concise directions, this isn’t faith.
Faith is what we hope for without seeing it with our eyes (Hebrews 11:1). As
believers, we have to come to a place of accepting that everything isn’t laid out for
us on purpose. How can we believe for what we already see? The Lord has a plan for growth in each of us at our own rate for His specific plan.
Stepping forward in faith will mean that our confidence is in the Lord and not in
ourselves. The earlier we pick this up in our faith, the better our Christian walk. We
are born and driven by the world to trust in ourselves, yet we know that each of us
will come to an end of ourselves. There is great joy when we discover how God
does His greatest work when we rest in Him. Stepping forward in faith isn’t easy. Sometimes it’s excruciating because we are
constantly fighting off doubt and fear. Our strength to move forward in the faith
comes from our knowledge of God’s word. When we rely on the Scriptures for our
hope, we will step forward. The Holy Spirit quickens our minds with truth when we
struggle in the walk.
PRAYER Dear Lord, I need Your help to move forward in the faith. Sometimes I’m hesitant
and fearful—I pray for boldness and strength from the Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ name,

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