Thus says the LORD: “The people who survived the sword found grace in the
wilderness; …
Literally, how can one find grace by surviving the sword? Well, God has a way to
deal with people, but most importantly, God has a special way to deal with special people. And these special people are overcomers, those who persue, overtake and
conquer. Grace, understood as God’s unmerited favour, in our text implies ‘His
approval to go forward.’ As such, we have two points here:
1. God cares for all people regardless of their conditions. But that does not
necessarily mean that those people are useful in either establishing His kingdom
or in achieving His purpose. These may be the general populace, who avoid bitter experiences, who are quick to find excuses when duty and responsibility calls, they
are not ready to sacrifice. But, God is God, His grace abounds to such.
2. But we have the SURVIVORS, warriors of the Kingdom, those filled with zeal for
establishing the Kingdom. When duty calls, they are ready. They take responsibility
even when it hurts. To these, God ushers more GRACE, they have more ‘of His
Approval to continue going forward’ To such, God has unmerited favour for success in whatever battle for they seek to establish His Kingdom.
So what?
I. Survive the battles and wars around, God’s purpose needs you.
II. There is Grace in facing the tough realities of this life: KEEP ON GOING
III. Overcoming your challenges and obstacles is no gurantee that its over. AFTER FACING THE SWORD, THERE IS THE WILDERNESS. But, dont worry, God’s grace
abounds in all circumstances. THERE IS GRACE IN THE WILDERNESS!



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