#TheCrowdedMind Your intention is never enough…
Whatever that does not become action does not create result.
A 50 years old intention is a disaster. A two minutes action has the capacity to
bring a change of a life time.
There is something you have been intending to do for years, is there another better
time for them to be done? Everyday is a new door to walk into the future but most of us only stop at the door
and decide to wait till children they know when they were born must have walked
into their future through the same door.
Anything you have been planning to do that you have not done has been done by
people who were sleeping when you started to plan. The difference is that, they
woke up and took action. Your mind is crowded with many things to do but your life is lonely of action. Pick
one of your thoughts today and become ruthless in your pursuit.
The battle was never won until Gideon agreed that he was a mighty man of valour
and the might in him must go to work.
You have the ability to create results. And those abilities would never move until
they are pushed into action. David would not have killed Goliath with prayers. His king and the army have prayed for 40 days and 40 nights. David needed to pick the
stone and fling it. Prayer does not solve most jobless and poverty sicknesses. Stop
praying when there is a need to take the first step of faith.


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