I know very well that it is difficult for ministry to go so smoothly without a help
mate. I have also seen many pastors’ wives being the strength behind the success
of their husband ministry. I also know that the wife of any pastor is the first pastor
to the pastor because she prays for her husband earnestly and counsel him with
keen interest because she knows the mistake of her husband could also affect her. But we should not also be ignorant of some pastor’s wives who have killed their
husband ministries as they operate like agents. Many operate the way they do
because they believe that the man of God would not want divorce because of
scandal. I also discovered that there are few men of God who live in matrimonial
pain, suffering what shame will not allow them share in the public. And because of
their wife they cry to God every day in pain for deliverance while they hide it from their members. A pastor once told me that his spirit grows cold while he is
preaching in the church and his eyes meets with his wife’s eyes in the church
because the look from her face alone is scary and when they get home the wife
would ask him does he think he has anointing and why was he jumping up and
down in the church and would always advise him to stop disgracing himself in the
church. After a while the woman started going to bear parlor to drink on the same root she knows many of the church members live. There are different ways where
many pastors’ wives oppress their husbands but hear this, as I keep receiving from
the Holy Spirit, that man you call your husband is first of all God’s servant before
he became your husband and his assignment is more important to God that you
and that is why GOD commanded we should love HIM more than our loved ones.
From the spiritual information I have and which everyone knows, there is no much time left. The urgency in the assignment is so glaring and God is uprooting
anything that looks like obstacle. Few years ago the wife of a well-known pastor
died though I don’t know him by then but just like him from a distance so I cried
bitterly and asking God why would HE allowed the wife of HIS faithful servant to
die. The pain was eating me deep and I believe God was beginning to feel I may
see HIM as rewarding HIS people with evil and HE decided to make it known to me why the woman died, it was revealed that God only solved the man’s problem and I
was like, what? Why? How? And HE said that woman was the man’s problem for
long and HE can no longer watch HIS servant’s tears so HE solved HIS problem.
He is up again, if you are a pastor’s wife, make sure that you are not instrument of
destruction in your husband’s assignment, be a builder and not a destroyer and if
you are an agent, destruction awaits you because the urgency in the assignment now cannot permit or allow any hindrance that is including you if you decide to be

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