The prodigal son never experienced any trouble until he left the house of his
father. The Bible pointed out 4 important things about him:
(a) He wasted his substance: Satan and his demons are very clever; if you answer
their call you will end up in loosing everything you have including your divine
calling. (b) He joined himself to bad group in that country. Can you locate where you are
spiritually? Who are your friends, mentors, advisers, etc? See Prov 1:10.
(c) He began to experience lack: In his father’s house he never lack anthing or
missed any meal but now eating with pigs. He strugled to meet a legitimate need in
an illegitimate way. What a pity! The promise of Psalm 23:1 is for those who live in
the safety of the sheepfold and stay very close to the shepherd. (d) Finally the prodigal son came to himself. As it was not late for the prodigal son,
it is not late for you to come back home. Hebrews 3:15 says today (not tomorrow) if
you hear HIS voice do not harden your heart. Immediately you change your prayer
from “give me, give me” to “forgive me” God will open His arms, welcome you home
and restore you to sonship. Allow God to do that for you NOW!


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