The book of John gives an account of Prophet John the Baptist like this, “And many
resorted unto him, and said, John did no miracle: but all things that John spake of
this man (ref: to Jesus) were true” John.10:41, KJV version.
The next verse in 42, says, “And many believed on him there”.
I want to basically announce it from the scriptures here that as a man of God or man of god, you don’t have to nd must not make the people believe in Christ
through miracles, signs, wonders or heavy supernatural acts.
You don’t have to FAKE a miracle in other to convince the people that God is there.
U don’t have to organize a FAKE testimony to convince the people either.
You must not create your own wonders to attract the people to BELIEVE in God.
People had a testimony for a prophet who though being a prophet yet he performed no single miracle yet he made people believe in Christ nd convinced
people to follow Christ.
Must you lie nd put up fake miracles nd signs to convince the people that God is
Whom are you advertising, Christ or Satan?
Whose miracles nd signs are you performing, Christ’s or Satan’s? Do you carry Satan within nd present Christ without?
Have Satan ordained you with his wonders nd you are showing it as God’s
Have you collected from Satan nd working for God or god?


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